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Gain Share

Ideal Surplus’ Gain Share program is designed to assist companies with excess and obsolete MRO products while converting their surplus items into cash. This is a no cost program where we take the material in-house, place in our inventory, and advertise it for sale through our many marketing platforms. Ideal Surplus Sales has a large network of dealers, end users, and wholesalers. Let us do the work for you. It’s a win-win situation.

Don’t simply discard unneeded items; repurpose them while also putting cash in your pocket. This is a low risk, high reward Gain Share program that provides an alternative method for removing unwanted assets. Some benefits of our Gain Share program include additional warehouse space, easy access to reclaim, and larger returns on investment.


Gain Share benefits:

  • Higher percentage return compared to outright purchase
  • Ideal Surplus Sales catalogs, stores, and markets the materials for sale
  • Materials are aggressively marketed, resulting in quicker cash return
  • Easy access to reclaim materials if needed
  • Immediately free up warehouse space and financial inventory burden
  • Detailed monthly report