As an experienced MRO inventory manager, Ideal Surplus Sales helps customers throughout North America alleviate their excess inventory, freeing up valuable floor space and providing better returns than scrap.

The Ideal Surplus Sales staff works with customers to build a program that satisfies the needs of the business. The process is seamless and easy to implement. Additionally, if a customer needs an item, Ideal Surplus provides easy access to reclaim. Every customer has different needs and we are happy to accommodate each one. 

Three customizable programs to fit business objectives of every customer (Please click on a link to learn more):

Outright Purchase
Gain Share
  • Customer maintains inventory at their location(s)
  • Material is available for internal consumption, if needed
  • Provides customer with the highest control of inventory
  • Ideal Surplus markets and sells item(s) and the customer ships item(s)
  • Product listed on the Ideal Surplus website
  • High return on material
  • Removes financial burden on customer for inventory storage
  • Free up valuable floor space immediately
  • Void of any warranties of materials, implied or expressed
  • Removes inventory from customer location(s)
  • Easy access to reclaim materials, if needed
  • High percentage return compared to outright purchase
  • Ideal Surplus catalogs, stores, and markets the materials for sale
  • Receive a detailed monthly report